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Splurr IT offers clients the opportunity to have their cars washed at their request and at their convenience. Avoid long ques and have the service come to your house.
Where there’s a washing will, there’s a washing way.”


Professional washing and cleaning of your car

Forget long ques and inconvenient car wash portals that waste your time. Splurr IT offers you convenient mobile car wash services that are tailor made to best suit your budget and needs. We are just a call away.

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Splurr IT
Modern Equipment
Our modern equipment will not cause any dents on your car's paint.
Cleaning Detergents
Detergents to help reduce bacteria on your car's interior.
Extensive Cleaning
Spotless cleaning leaving your car refreshed and clean all round.
We follow all COVID-19 safety protocols.
What we do

Premium Washing Services

Take a look at the before/after of how well we clean our clients cars.

Washing Service

Car-Wash Service

We are versatile. As our motto says “Where there’s a washing will, there’s a washing way”. We cater but not limited to the below mentioned models. Book with us today and have your car splurred with freshness


Get it as clean as a whistle after your journey whether you have been off-road or simply on normal roads.


Splurr your minibus. Travel with your clients and passengers in a comfortable, fresh-looking and feeling minibus.


Splurr your SUV. Shine with your stylish-looking SUV after you have splurred it.


Splurr your Hatch/sedan. Make your everyday look looking like a once in a lifetime look after you have your car splurred.

dry cleaning

Dry cleaning any dirt inside the car and trunk

A car deserves a healthy hygiene like any other person does. With our specialised detergents and intensive cleaning we ensure that you breathe fresh air inside your car.


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